TCMG kicks off 2011 at Vakantiebeurs

Vakantiebeurs, the annual Dutch trade and consumer travel show kicks off  the The Conjoint Marketing Group's 2011 calendar. The show, which runs from January 11 -16, is expected to attract more than 18,000 trade visitors and 120,000 consumers, and TCMG’s Rhett Lego will be touching base with the key Dutch operators during the event. James Wilson and Lars Schubert from the TCMG team will also be at the show.  It is also an opportunity for TCMG to meet up with the major players from the neighbouring Belgian market, many of whom visit Vakantiebeurs.

Tourism Australia coordinates an Australia stand in Hall A at Vakantiebeurs, and that is where you can contact the TCMG team.

Research by The Wall Street Journal last summer indicated that 85 per cent of the Dutch and 77 per cent of the Belgians planned to travel during the year. And that’s the way it played out – and there are some similar indications for 2011. It was, of course, not all long-haul travel, but the Dutch and their Belgian neighbours take their vacations seriously – and Australia for a great many is a ‘must see’ destination.

Australia saw 49,000 Dutch visitors in the year-ending September 2010. The average length of stay was forty-three nights, and expenditure totalled AUD175 million.

A positive note for Australian product outside the major destinations is that there has been growth in Dutch visitor dispersal over the past months, which can be linked in part to a focus in TA campaigns on dispersal. TCMG will be focussing on Dutch travellers’ preference to visit ‘off the beaten track’ destinations – which accounts for a fair proportion of Australian product represented in Europe by TCMG.