Major Aboriginal festival coming in June

The Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival takes place from June 17 to 19 in Tropical North Queensland. It is an exciting biennial gathering in Cape York Peninsula, highlighting the many diverse Aboriginal communities; and their language, song, dance and stories. 

It all takes place some fifteen kilometres south of Laura, at the Ang-Gnarra Festival Grounds, Cape York. Laura is 330 kilometres north of Cairns. This year the total amount of dirt road will be reduced to approx 5 kms. Therefore vehicle accessibility to the Festival has never been easier with a bitumen road nearly all the way.

The event is packaged by a couple of local operators, including Oz Tours,a family owned and operated business based in Cairns since 1985.

More than  5,000 people travel to Laura from across the nation to enjoy this Festival for three days; and more than twenty Aboriginal communities participate across the region, with up to 500 traditional performers participating in the programme.

The Dance Festival Ground at Laura is the site of a very old traditional Bora ground and is a respected and sacred site to Aboriginal people. It is nestled amongst some of the oldest and most spectator rock art in the world.

Recently the rock art of the area was awarded Queensland Icon status by the National Trust in recognition of its significance to the environmental and cultural landscape.