Great dives in Tropical North Queensland

The giant potato cod has nothing to do with fish and chips – but it’s on the ‘must see’ menu of most divers heading for the Great Barrier Reef. And that’s what makes the Cod Hole off Lizard Island such a big attraction for anyone looking for underwater adventure.

Lizard's purpose-built dive boat, the MV Serranidae (that’s the Latin name for ‘grouper’ -- the potato cod is part of the grouper family) operates half and full day excursions to the magnificent inner and outer reef diving sites of the Great Barrier Reef, including the world famous Cod Hole.

Boasting its own beautiful fringing reefs, Lizard Island is able to offer diving enthusiasts a range of reef experiences. A variety of diverse dive locations are available for all levels of diving ability. This northern section of the Great Barrier Reef is renowned for its water clarity and amazing variety of coral species and marine life.

 You can download the Diving and Snorkelling information sheet (PDF) here

Lizard Island is part of the Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts portfolio of breathtaking locations and unforgettable experiences that only Australia can offer.

The portfolio also includes Heron Island, with more than twenty different diving sites to explore, more than half of which are just fifteen minutes from the beach. The island’s proximity to the reef allows you to enjoy as many as three different full dives a day.

One of Heron’s popular diving sites  is the Heron Bommie, which was described by the famous underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau, as being one of his top ten favourite diving spots.