Honeymoons in Port Douglas

Honeymooners love Port Douglas -- and for good reason, it has a laid-back style and a tropical background. The home of famous Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas is also the jumping off point for several Barrier Reef cruises. And for foodies, the selection of restaurants in the resort destination just 'up the road' from Cairns is second-to-none for a tropical destination --boasting kitchens run by several well-known Aussie chefs. 

All this probably helps to account for the growing number of accolades the Meridian at Port Douglas has been getting on Trip Advisor -- 134 'very positives' at the last count.

The property, which caters for couples, and has an age limit -- no children under 15, has also featured on local television in recent months, including a travel feature on Fox Television.

The Meridian at Port Douglas is represented in Europe by TCMG. To find out more contact Rhett.Lego@TheConjointMarketingGroup.com