Where we Operate


The Conjoint Marketing Group's Head Office is located in Munich in Central Europe. We also have a secondary office in Hove, close to Brighton in the UK -- within easy reach of London and with smooth access to other major UK cities.

This means we are in constant touch with the dynamics of what is happening in the source market and can keep you informed of all that is happening across the important markets of UK and Europe.

Munich is very centrally located, being only:

  • an hour and a half from Milan
  • two and a bit hours from London
  • an hour from Amsterdam
  • an hour and a half from Paris
  • two hours from Eastern Europe and
  • about three hours from northern Scandinavia

Of course, we are able to be on a train to anywhere in Germany, as well as neighbouring Austria and Switzerland.

The region we cover, mostly within the European Union, has a total population of more than 483 million -- a complex collection of markets speaking more than 20 languages, and each with different demands and expectations when it comes to travel.

Our central location means we can service the traditional and emerging markets in a highly cost effectively manner -- reducing the overheads and maximizing the marketing spend on seeing the wholesalers and agencies.