Homestays in Papua New Guinea


Homestays are becoming more and more popular in parts of Papua New Guinea. Last year, the Lonely Planet gave Tufi Tribal Homestay in Papua New Guinea’s Oro province a well-deserved ‘Best in Travel’ ribbon for 2015. It's a  ‘must’ for adventure travellers: the first opportunity to stay with a local PNG tribe.

This is the way the" Lonely Planet put it:

‘The ancient tribes of Papua New Guinea have suddenly collided with the 21st century, with the first opportunity to stay with a local PNG tribe gaining a listing on the accommodation marketplace Airbnb. 

In the eastern recesses of Oro province is the region of Tufi, known for its sharp fjords and wicked sunsets. Settled by several tribes that have carved out their respective plots of land, the area feels like the edge of the earth, with wild ocean vistas and perfect glimpses of the saw-toothed mountains that act as a natural barrier between Tufian shores and the other parts of the province.

The only signs of modernity are tiny amounts of tarmac and a small scuba diving set up next door – everything else belongs to the wild. For several years homestay opportunities were loosely organised when travellers expressed interest locally, but the ability to pre-plan an authentic adventure with the Korafe tribe will undoubtedly be a game changer as these far-flung communities further extend the welcome mat in earnest.

To compensate for the fact that none of the households have computers let alone electric power, all bookings are funnelled through the local diving resort, which vets space for travellers and helps arrange canoe transfers.

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