TCMG to represent the Quicksilver Group

The Conjoint Marketing Group (TCMG) now represents  the Quicksilver Group with all of its reef cruise products on the European market. The Quicksilver Group founded in 1979 is one of the pioneering reef tourism operators on the Great Barrier Reef (Queensland) and remains until today the market leader in this region.

The most awarded reef cruise company offers the widest range of reef experiences: high speed catamaran cruises to the Outer Great Barrier Reef, sailing cruises to the Low Isles and Michaelmas Quay, dive and snorkel excursions, live-aboard dive trips and dive trainings.

The Quicksilver Group also operates Green Island Resort. The fleet contains 12 modern, large vessels; some of them can take up to 450 people. With 500 employees, the company is one of Tropical North Queensland’s largest private employers.

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