Western Australia’s partners in the sky

A radio campaign together with Thai Airways and a joint promotion with Singapore Airlines, the South Australian Tourism Commission and FTI Germany is part of new a push by Tourism Western Australia to step up its activities with airline partners.

Tourism WA is currently running a major advertising campaign on Germany’s HR3 radio station in Frankfurt  in cooperation with Thai Airways. It reaches 1.3 million listeners daily until September 9. The station’s website is expected to receive 2.5 million visits daily during the duration of the campaign.

Listeners are invited to take part in a competition to win a trip to Western Australia, travelling through Perth and the South West regions and flying Thai Airways, with a stopover in either Bangkok or Phuket.

Meanwhile, a joint activity between Singapore Airlines, the SATC and tour operator partner, FTI consists of a two-prong on-line and print promotion.  A print supplement featuring destinations in Western Australia and South Australia is being distributed to 20,600 German travel agents and accompanied by a newsletter to 17,500 contacts in November.

All five Western Australian regions are featured in the promotion. An on-line itinerary training game will feature extensive destination and experience content to teach travel agents mpre about the opportunities in Western Australia. The incentive for agents to take part in the game is the possibility to win a trip to WA and South Australia and follow the itinerary of the game in real life.



Rhett Lego