Some of the things people have been saying about The Conjoint Marketing Group 

If I need a door opened in Europe I will refer to Rhett Lego and The Conjoint Marketing Group. If I need to assess whether a strategy or campaign of an Icon Tourism client will work in Europe I will refer to TCMG. The group has an innate insight into what is trending, where consumers are going and what will work and will not work. There are three things that are required to ensure the success of a destination in the tourism industry. They are a plan, passion and partnerships. The Conjoint Marketing Group has these attributes in abundance and can help any client obtain the same and become a successful destination from markets within Europe and the UK.

Manny Papadoulis, Principal, Icon Tourism.  Director, Tourism Council WA

FTI has its headquarters in Munich and is one of the biggest tour operators in Germany, with more than 1 million customers a year. We appreciate how flexible and creative The Conjoint Marketing Group is, and admire the the team’s deep insight knowledge and great marketing ideas, which even for us being more than 20 years in the Australia business is often surprising.

Dietmar P. Schulz, Senior Product Manager, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, FTI

I am a great supporter of the whole team at TCMG and have worked with Rhett Lego and his team for five years now, and they have yet to disappoint! Having worked closely with them at Goldmedal and carrying the trusted relationship on at Stella, I am confident about the product they work with -- and the enthusiasm in which they display it. The TCMG team always leaves me with a sense that they really believe in what they promote, and they are top of my list for staff training access.

Nicola Squire, Product & Purchasing Manager UK, Stella Travel Services

TCMG has knowledge, insight, experience and networks. The team has proved its competence in working with me and my product marketing and sales teams in driving innovative marketing campaigns that most importantly generate results for us all. Be that activity PR, online or print driven, they have the ability to capture the needs of the destination and the wants of the target market.

John Constable, Group Managing Director,  STA Travel and Bridge The World

I have known and worked with Rhett for almost 15 years and have the utmost respect for his strategic understanding of the travel market. He has an excellent drive and focus across all levels of business which is ably demonstrated in his varied client base and has great energy and enthusiasm His skills lie in being a strong communicator which when working on campaigns involving multi partners is a real benefit in getting the job done, whether they are full scale strategic projects or one off tactical programmes.

Andrew Chapman, Director, Tailormade Travel

Rhett is a man born 'out of the box' with the ability to combine lateral creative thinking and a gut instinct for that which delivers a true commercial return.

Katherine Walter, Product Manager, All Ways Travel, UK

Get This One worked with Rhett Lego at TCMG on the Most Fun TV campaign for Tourism Tropical North Queensland and STA Travel UK. It has to be said that this project would not have been achieved without him. From the Agency’s perspective, he showed great courage, vision and tenacity in getting over the line, and was a pleasure to work with at all times. The results speak for themselves - Best Online category and Supreme Winner at the 2007 OzCars. For an Australian, he’s really not half bad.”

Matt Zwartz, CEO, GetThisOne, Wellington, New Zealand